Wordpress plugins

I was not a big fan of wordpress, as I started in 2010 with Drupal another CMS. Drupal is more complicated than worprss and also more integrated : modules work really together. Drupal has a true free and open source model. In wordpress, there is often a premium model with plugins that are free, but that have a premium version that do have a price. Both CMS have the problem of a cluttered UI due to the many possibilities that each plugins / modules can take profit to add its settings.

Anyway despite of it's drawbacks, Wordpress is quite useful and generally I start with a theme I've bough and then customize it. There is a bunch of plugins that I need to install.

So let's start a list to go faster when installing a new site.

Suite of plugins

  • Jetpack Collection of plugins made by Automattic the company behind wordpress, you can select which one you want to install, there is a monitoring tool, a mardown syntax... and many more. All are of very good quality, some a premium

Content editing

  • Duplicate post Clone post and page to start with a similare base and edit it

  • Short code ultimate Create many useful short code that allow to insert anything in a post of elsewhere



  • Askimet The default anti-spam for comments available at wordpress install (but not activated by default)

Image gallery

  • Envira gallery Freemium image gallery with a nice design a clean settings page UI


  • WPML Good plugin for multi-language site that cost around 60$


Wordpress backup plugin comparison (made by updraft plus)

Visual page builder

Visual page builder allow to go beyond the post structure of wordpress and do one page layout / landing page like design assembling elements of UI and content visually.

  • WP backery a page builder used by the BE theme suite and others. Is quite simple

Analytics and SEO