Firebase database

Firebase is service developed by Google and integrated in google cloud, that allow to have JSON data store type database online.

What is firebase database

  • a service bought by Google in 2014 then integrated in Google ecosystem

    and specifically google storage

    Firebase is available here :

  • a realtime database > the changes will be pushed to all the clients

  • a simple JSON Tree structure /projects/344 will store a JSON representing this specific project

Tools for firebase

Firebase admin desktop app

A full list of utiliies for firebase is available here


  • Firebase have a limited query api

This post describe the current limitations, impossible to filter by multiple clause. And 3 workaround, filter on the front, compound keys or index.

Other are working on a library to be able to do where style query

How to set it up in the backend with node.js

how to set it up in the front end with angular 2

  • Use Angular fire2