Documentation generators

Analyse the code and comments and ouput a documentation automatically

Doc generator for Typescript / angular

  • Advantages:

    • adapted to angular application

    • simple to have a first result : angular structuration + typescript annotations make a lot of job

    • Have diffent themes similar that mimick other documentation system

    • Angular-CLI friendly - Compodoc support out of the box Angular-CLI projects

    • powerful search engine

    • ...

  • Limitation

    • Light support of jsdoc tags Support of @param, @returns, @link and @example tags but with typescript it could be enough


Typedoc vs Compodoc

  • Typedoc vs Compodoc on medium This article explain the main difference between both tool one generic to typescript projects, the other specific to angular + typescript

  • Issue discussing about that in the angular starter project Compodoc seems to be the clear winner with a nice viewer and an automatic documatation out of the box.

Js doc

2 examples found here that compare jsdoc and type script documentation style. The type script lot of information that are tighly compled with the code, so no need to add too many manual documentation.

js doc style documentation

typescript style documentation