Sound and writing in French

French does not spell like we write. There are some mute letters. Some combination of letters that change the sound… I am teaching my language to my daughter so it is the perfect occasion to write it down.

I believe that natural languages are similar that computation languages. Or said otherwise that computation is all about language. So it is natural to mix languages topics with developments topics in the same blog!


O is the sound with more spelling in french. Why? Do not know.
Some a quite odd and sound historical.
But some like “eau” 3 letters for a simple vowel is pretty used in the daily life.

  • o like in moto > moto
  • au like in chateau > castle
  • eau like in eau > water
  • haut like in haut > height

The Nasals


in > chagrin

on > maison

The Diphtonges


Written on December 28, 2016