Plain vanilla JS

  • a site dedicated to explain what can be done only with plain / vanilla js
  • the reference for js documentation
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Starting with Docker

  • How to install ngrx with docker
  • A good tutorial recommanded by Docker site
  • Docker setup for angular app
  • Docker multi stage feature with angular app
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Angular Ngrx tips and code examples

You can learn ngrx by watching the lesson of Todd Motto here. It is the most complete and linear way to learn ngrx. You should do this before diving into more precise topics.

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Javascript and ES6 functions to use as an alternative to lodash

Lodash is great, we have an article about most useful lodash functions. But those functions are pretty low level. They should be at the level of the language itself javascript. With ES5 / ES6, javascript got more powerful, so it is time to stop using some of lodash function to use their native equivalent. The advantage is that we could more easily tweak the function for our needs which is not possible with lodash. And get more knowledge and confidence about ES6. And also get rid of lodash entirely to have less dependencies.

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