Comparison of images as a service solutions

Images as a service is a convenient to handle images upload in a web site.

Why an images as service (IaaS)

Here is some features, those types of services are doing.

  • Image uploader (Optional)
  • Backup
  • Image resize thanks to an url with special transformations parameters
  • REST API to manage the stored images
  • CDN to serve image faster …

It allow you to spare the time :

  • to develop similar functionnality.
  • to manage only you software code and not the site assets which generally are the heaviest ressources and require specific handling

Comparison of the services

Here is a comparison table of the different services. It is not easy as the different services use different metrics to price their offers.

Feel free to suggest me other I have not listed here. I included only the first plan below 100$.

Free alternatives

Here are also some free alternatives :

  • A service that allow you to use the image where they are only for transformation. So you do not need an api or a user account
  • Also image manipulation and resizing is not that hard so you can also use some nice libraries like JIMP in node.js
Written on December 22, 2016