UI / UX Ressources

UI evolve with the sites and apps that use it. As in other fields, examples are key to understand and test new concepts, but as we daily use User Interface we often do not notice all details. So collection fragment of UI and categorize them is a good pratice to be able to use them when needed.


UI inspirations


  • Fonts converter Convert TTF fonts or other to web fonts (eot, woff…), generate also the good css and create a family
  • Fonts 2u Download fonts for desktop



Color theory

Colors Tools

  • Colors.css Nice replacement for web default colors(named colors) also a github project
  • Paletton Good tool de generate a pallette depending of rules, simulation contrast, simulation of design integration, of color blindness….
  • Coesive colors Get a more unified pallette by applying an overlay on it
  • Color hunt Product hunt for colors / new pallettes published daily with like system
  • Adobe color Adobe tool for color pallette

Rules & Books

Written on August 8, 2017