The common errors I do writing english

As many developers I use english on a daily basis, but mostly to write and read. I do not speak often with native english speakers. The problem is that when we write and we are not it an english speaking country, we can do the same errors again and again, without getting better.

I am french, and I also do many errors in french which is far more complicated to write correctly that english. Though english have its difficulties too.

I will do a list of my most common errors as I realize, to may be stop doing them.

Let’s debug the language as efficiently we debug code :)

There is lot of cats > There are lot of cats

In french Il y a beaucoup de chats
In french ‘Il y a’ is invariable so if we speak about cats it is always ‘Il y a’.
In english There + verb ‘to be’ take the plural of what follow.

He do a great job > He does a great job

English have a simplistic conjugation by comparison with latin languages. But there is one exception for he, she, it personal pronouns that make the verb take a s.

  • I do
  • You do
  • He does
  • We do
  • You do
  • They do

do, do, do, does, do, do, do
Simple suite, isn’t it?

Per aps > Perhaps

Strange word Perhaps? I wonder what is the origin. What is a “haps”?. Here are the synonyms suggested by google translate.

The 2 I use more :

  • perhaps
  • maybe > Peut-être

The 1 I use sometimes :

  • probably > Probablement

Others I do not use :

  • possibly
  • supposedly
  • perchance

Misc faux amis

  • Payement > payment (paiement in french) movement = move + ent / payment = pay + ment
  • entreprise > enterprise (remember strat Trek entreprise space shuttle !)

Do not use passive form in english like it is so common in french.

  • ce module permet de faire la recommandation > this module enable recommandation plutot que “allow to do”

To me or For me

To me express the opinion and for me more the consequence / benefits on me

Written on December 28, 2016