Ecological resources to may help us reach the post-carbon era

Will human survive to current environmental crisis? Despite a continuous litany of bad news, old fashioned politicians. People that want to saw the branch they are sitting on.

There is also a huge movement for a switch that can be as fast as the danger get closer and closer. Thanks to a positive thinking typical of startup approach.

Let’s explore the positive and negative points on which our near future and even the survival of humanity is binded.

Positive, a new world may arise

  • Application des batteries pour l’intégration des énergies renouvelables, les services au système électrique et les centrales hybrides

  • Manger des animaux est-ce naturel ?

Pendant des siècles les hommes ont mangé beaucoups moins de viandes qu’actuellement dans les pays riches ou uniquement des végétaux. Les changements d’alimentation qui menacent les équilibres mondiaux (l’élevage de la viande demandant beaucoup plus d’eau et d’énergie), nous invite à repenser le végétarianisme.

3 arguments pour être végétariens:

  • pour des raisons écologiques : limiter la pression sur l’environnement
  • pour la santé
  • pour ne pas faire souffrir les animaux.

  • A Worm to “eat” the plastic

  • Harvesting water in the desert

With only solar energy, this invention allow to concentrate the water in the air even in a desert and produce drinking water! Giving the enormous problem of water in the world that will be amplified as the global warming increase, this discovery could save many lives.

  • Measure the world

Quantification of our living data to improve our health, make more sport, walk more seems us more natural thanks to more device that track our behaviors. Data allow to be understand the quantity that drive the world and make clear possibilities of actions. So now let’s imagine the world as a human body, with many factor that evolute in real time, and that you can “see” moving. The population growing, the CO2 being e

Negative, denunciation of the old world

  • Just 90 companies are to blame for most climate change !

Written on March 22, 2017