Angular Ngrx tips and code examples

You can learn ngrx by watching the lesson of Todd Motto here. It is the most complete and linear way to learn ngrx. You should do this before diving into more precise topics.

Dispatch several actions from the same effects


Use of ngrx/entity

NGRX effects anti patterns

  • A quoted article on using effects

React to query success with a snackbar, confirm

Good tutorial that explain the refactoring of a component in ngrx

And a tutorial to put snackbar management in store

Update ngrx version 5

Medium article that explain the changes of ngrx v5

Using ngrx entity

  • Medium article that explain the new feature of entity that allow to save some boiler plate code and standardize our components with entity

  • Not nice presentation but good example of using the adapter of ngrx entity

  • Alligator blog tutorial on ngrx/entity

  • The doc of ngrx entity adapter on github

Hot and cold observable

testing ngrx

Todd motto is a reference but is a paid ressource

Other articles about testing ngrx

  • Official ngrx testing doc

Marble test

Written on April 8, 2018