Theories to reconcile quantum physics with relativity

Cosmology is one of most interesting subject of science. We are at a key moment where every physicists know a new theory is needed. Where different theories coexist, without being able to get rid of some.

The current Graal of physic is to reconcile relativity with quantum mechanic. And to explain what we named as black matter and black energy. The new theory should take into account all those problems that does not fit with current standard system explanation.

Let’s list the different theories and their different characteristics.

Holographic universe

String theory

Loop quantum gravity

The space is not continuous but composed by small quantifiable space units.

How if fix the problem ?

By discretizing the space it self, we get rid of Infinity that prevent us from understanding relativity during extreme conditions like in the big bang or in black hole.


Written on January 10, 2017