Flickity vs Slick / Jquery carousel plugins comparison

  • Flickity is a good carousel component made by the same developer that made Jquery masonry

  • Slick is a famous carousel component that brand as “the last carousel you’ll ever need

Angular integration

Flickity has an angular ngx wrapper ngx-flickity. But the author precised “not ready for production”.

Slick has a stable angular wrapper ngx-slick

Features only in flickity

All flickity options

Options specific to flickity (not in slick)

  • freeScroll / Allow to scroll not on a complete slide, but manually so you can stop where you want

  • groupCells / Group cells allow to advance slide groups by slide group (3 by 3 for example)

  • asNavFro / Double carousel sync to make a nav bar from one to control the larger one.

Slick options page

Written on October 19, 2017