Node.js libraries and modules you should use

Here is a growing selection of the most useful libraries for node.

Node JS Core modules

Libraries for Node.js





  • Request && Request promise
    Popular library to do http requests in an easy and powerful way. can pipe the result to other requests or to a file stream…

It’s port with promise powered by blue bird

Async & Promises

  • Async : Aynschronous call (a sort of lodash for asynchronous operation)

  • Blue bird : Blue bird is the more popular promise library for node.js Though promise are in the core node.js language there are multiple arguments to keep using a library like blue bird.



  • Multer Node.js middleware for handling multipart/form-data. > handle image upload more easily. Multer is based on busboy.

  • busboy File multi part upload parser

  • gridfs-stream Mongodb file streamer to save with gridFS

Image manipulation

Export, parser

  • XLS Parser XlS Parser

Error handling


  • consolidate Consolidate template engines…to have a single API for all !

Mongoose plugins

  • mongoose simple random add findOneRandom && findRandom to get random document

  • mongoose-autopopulate

  • mongoose-deep-populate

Written on December 23, 2016