Typings, how to configure your type definition

Get an update 2017 of how to handle types in angular

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Typings (Old)

The library that deal with types definition is Typings. It succeeded to an older library that named TSD.


Types definition are information around the types used in most popular libraries.

Get the info about the typings versions used in the environment (globally in a shared directory)

typings info env~node --versions

It display this list for node for example

TAG                   VERSION DESCRIPTION COMPILER LOCATION                                                            UPDATED
6.0.0+20170213133316  6.0.0                        github:types/env-node/6.0#a5f9e16f769422e801156d494c45453670fc73cc  2017-02-13T13:33:16.000Z
4.0.0+20170213133316  4.0.0                        github:types/env-node/4.0#a5f9e16f769422e801156d494c45453670fc73cc  2017-02-13T13:33:16.000Z
0.12.0+20170213133316 0.12.0                       github:types/env-node/0.12#a5f9e16f769422e801156d494c45453670fc73cc 2017-02-13T13:33:16.000Z
0.10.0+20170213133316 0.10.0                       github:types/env-node/0.10#a5f9e16f769422e801156d494c45453670fc73cc 2017-02-13T13:33:16.000Z

update since typescript 2.0 it is not more useful to use Typings !


Suffice to type to install node typings

npm install @types/node --save

Written on February 21, 2017